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D-DAY at European championship Poland NL


D-DAY at European championship Poland

At the European Championship in Poland is still no team sure of a place in the semifinals. Today are the last matches in the main round of the program and will therefore be decided which four teams are likely going to make the medals. All duels are as always be followed via live stream on the EHF TV. Germany-Denmark can also be seen on the German channel ARD from 18:00.

Group 1
In one group are three games on the schedule. At 16:00, play Macedonia and Belarus together. Both teams have already been eliminated before the semifinals. 18.15 is the turn of France and Norway. A true finale, as the winner of this competition will qualify directly for the semi-finals. 20.30 Poland and Croatia also play against each other and both teams can qualify with a victory for the semi-finals, although Croatia only with a big win even more likely.


Group 2
In group 2, the battle also still not decided. Germany, Denmark and Spain are still in the race for second place in the semifinals. At 16:00 the play already disabled Sweden and Hungary together. 18.15 is there a real finale on the program: Germany-Denmark, the two leaders in the group. Number three Spain can at 20.30 with a victory over Russia directly qualify for the semifinals.

The match Germany-Denmark will be from 18.00 seen on the channel ARD, which is also often received in the Netherlands. The Germans will have to do without the injured Steffen Weinhold and Christian Diss Inger, two important links in the German team. The Danes have great disadvantage that they 2o hours ago (!) Still had to finish a tough contest against Sweden. This in contrast to the Germans, who had two days of rest.

Group 1:
1. Norway 7
2. France 6
3. Poland 6
4. Croatia 4
5. Macedonia 1
6. Belarus 0

16.00: Macedonia – Belarus
18:15: France – Norway
20:30 pm Poland – Croatia

Group 2:
1. Denmark 7
2. Germany 6
3. Spain 6
4. Russia 3
5. Sweden 2
6. Hungary 0

16.00: Sweden – Hungary
18.15: Germany – Denmark
20.30: Sweden – Russia

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Insidehandball is online


Insidehandball is online

After a year of experimentation has finally come. The information site for handball trainers taking shape. Slowly but surely get there material in the form of documents, training videos and images added to the site. You can expect us as editors that we continue to develop the site, and as a member with the latest trends, developments for young and old, for all levels, from high to low.

Create an account, you’ll then find an additional menu item at the top where all the exercises, multimedia documents can be found.